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Adam needs - Professor Raddish's Random Ramblings

About Adam needs

Previous Entry Adam needs Dec. 5th, 2005 @ 01:50 am Next Entry
Goto Google, type in (your name) needs and post the results here:

Adam needs:

1. Adam needs to Shower Petition

2. Adam needs help!

3. Adam needs a job.

4. Adam needs prayer for deliverence

5. Adam needs someone to move into his apartment and become his new roommate.

6. Adam needs his liquid inspiration while he's coding!!

7. Adam needs very firm rules, expectations, limits, and consequences.

8. Adam needs a lot more help than all of us combined could ever give him.

9. Adam needs as much help as possible! He was adopted at birth because his real parents couldn't deal with the birth defects.


10. Adam needs a new governess for his four sons.

Oh dear god!

Professor Raddish
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